How to Change Magento Theme

As Magento is such a popular eCommerce application, there are thousands of different themes available. Some of these themes are free, while you will need to pay for others. Today we will look at how to install and change the Magento theme.

How do I Use Magento?

Step 1 – Find a Theme


One of the best things about Magento is that so many people use it. This means that should you need help, extensions or themes you won’t have to look very hard. There are plenty of sites dedicated to providing themes. Normally you will be able to get a unique theme if you are prepared to pay for it.

It will be easy if you look for themes on the Magento Connect marketplace. This will make them more reliable, and also simpler to install. Learn more about How to Sell Online

Step 2 – Download the Theme

The next thing you need to do is to download the theme to your computer. Typically these are zipped and will then need to be extracted to a folder on your computer.

Step 3 – Upload the Theme

After downloading and unzipping the theme, you will then need to upload it to your web hosting. You can either do this through CPanel, or through an FTP client. Upload the theme into the directory of your Magento installation.

Step 4 – Setting the Theme up

Just uploading the theme files to your web hosting account isn’t enough. You will also need to activate it to make it available for use. This is easy to do, simply log into the admin section of your Magento site. Click System, then Design.

There is a custom box, use the drop-down box to choose the theme that you just uploaded. If it isn’t visible, then it means that it hasn’t been uploaded correctly. Repeat the process again if this is the case.

After selecting the theme, click the save button. This will set the active theme to your newly installed theme instead of the default.

Step 5 – Test the Theme

After uploading the theme and activating it, you will then need to test it out. Try all the features of your site to ensure that everything works as it should. Sometimes a poorly designed template can cause problems within your site. Learn more Magento

After testing, you can make any minor tweaks and changes to the theme. If it isn’t working as expected, then you can also look for another template which might perform better.


Changing templates on Magento is very easy. You can also manually adjust stock templates by editing style sheets. If you plan on doing this, then it’s worthwhile having a test bed Magento installation to try your creations out on.